On Sunday I got the opportunity to record three of the songs I wrote in a real recording studio located in L.A. My mom, my Yaya and Kelley left La Jolla in the morning and spent six hours with the one and only, Charleton Pettus. I was able to meet and work with Charleton because of a long friendship with my friend, Stevie Quessenberry.  Stevie was my neighbor and now is a good friend who spends time playing music and creating with me. 

Anyway, yesterday was an amazing experience for me and I am still shocked I got to watch how music is transformed, especially it being my music.  Being disabled is not so bad! 

Thank you Stevie Q. for hooking me up with the real deal and always jamming with me.

Thank you Charleton for taking the time to show me the behind the scenes operation.

Thank you Kelley for being the voice of my music.

And finally, thank you to my mom and my Yaya for always being there for me.  

I can’t wait to share the final product. Stay tuned. . .