I can't talk and that's darn hard but a Tobii [tobe-bee] allows me to communicate.  I love it because I can talk! I use it because we all need to talk. How you ask? No, its not a mind reader thingy . . . it tracks my eyes! Mind Blown. It tracks my eyes meaning it is calibrated to my pupils and when my pupils look at a word or letter, the Tobii responds. People ask me, "Do you like your Tobii?" and I say, "Yes, ofcourse . . . it's my voice."

I am incredibly fortunate and want others to have access to communication devices.  You can help me, help others, by spreading awareness about disabilities or donating to my cause.  All donations will go towards helping people without voices find a voice and helping people with disabilities find abilities.  Thank you! 




Your donation allows people without voices to communicate in different ways. I know what its like not to be able to communicate. You can make a huge difference in someones life.

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